Capia Limited

About Us

We are an international company always aspiring to provide a high-quality service and the latest most advanced machinery to help our clients achieve their goals and targets

Our Mission

To provide premium services and solutions for our clients

Our Vision

We aim to grow rapidly and be a leading machinery provider in Middle East and Europe 

Our Values

We deliver our services to our clients with an integrity and honesty and high-quality

Our Commitments

  • Highest Standards
  • Best practices
  • Utmost Quality
  • Top-class Deliverables


We provide our clients in Middle East and Europe wide array of services to address their most critical challenges, and support their businesses

Our Services include:

  • Sale of machinery, industrial equipment, ships, and aircraft

  • Freight transport by road

  • Freight air transport

Contact Us

5 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 4AF, London, United Kingdom


Email: [email protected]